The Colosseum is located west of the Roman forum and east of the palatine hill in Rome, Italy. It is one of Rome’s most historically significant platforms. Flavian Amphitheater is the name given to it. The Colosseum does not have a roof, although it can hold more than 50,000 people. The height of the Colosseum measured 620 by 513 feet.

Every year, many foreign tourists come here to visit, and It is easy to get all the information from the

Colosseum‘s official website. The Colosseum was damaged by earthquakes and lack of proper care for centuries.

one-third of the building’s structure is still visible.

Historical Secrets of Colosseum Tours

The history of the Colosseum naturally comes from the story of King Nero. He was a well-known and legendary king in the 6th century BC. Even before the kingdom of King Nero, this place of the Roman Empire became

overpopulated in the 2nd century BC. A terrible fire occurred in the middle of the 6th century, and it fully finished the entire area. 

Risk-free people were sitting on the road. King Nero issued a command to take control of the entire valley. He gave

them authority to build a graphical palace and needed to make the palace with skilled builders. Also, they organized

the whole area according to the instruction of King Nero. This palace was named Domas Oriya, and it was built in the burning valley. Domas Oriya meant Golden Palace. 

A beautiful Bishara Palace was there, and an artificial lake was built near this palace. Moreover, A pavilion surrounded it, and there were some gardens and seating arrangements for the visitors. The seating arrangements also shaded facilities. 

The water passage is the primary source of water for the entire city. It increases the area for providing clean water to the lake regularly. 

After finishing the making of the palace, king Nero built a giant statue of his own, named Colossus of Nero. The

name is written in front of the bust. Nero replaced his head from the upcoming king’s sculpture and added himself.

This process was done for presenting his sculpture to the people. It was a symbol of the greatness and power of a king. 

The top 5 attractions are Rome About Colosseum

  1. The Colosseum is made of stone and concrete. At that time, It was a magnificent and landmark building in Italy. it was built by getting help from more than 10,000 people.
  2. This iconic building had 80 entrance doors and 50,000 visitors sitting capacity—the visitors who would like to come for watching sports, games, and any other events. The events included wild animal hunts, ship naval war, and gladiatorial combats.
  3. There was a velarium that helped the visitors to save from the heat and the blistering sun of Rome. A canopy could be a great idea to get a shade to pull over the top in the seating area. 
  4. The Colosseum is a popular tourist spot nowadays. It has many rooms and underground passages under the ground. They kept their gladiator animals in this area and waited to meet their fate in the arena above. Moreover, there were almost 36 trap doors on the battlefield for special effects. 
  5. It is seen that the Colosseum‘s significant events are organized and paid for from the emperor’s fund or themselves. There was no entry fee. Sometimes they offered free food as well. This is for achieving the support and trust of people. in this way, they can earn tremendous support from the public


The Colosseum is a unique free-standing architecture in Rome. The exterior and interior of both scenes were

imagined in the design of a Roman theater. The shape of an Italian five-paisa count is similar to the Colosseum. It

shows naturally to the visitors. its tunnels, underground, and other exclusive things attract tourists. 

The number of people visiting the Colosseum is growing by the day. The unique part of the Colosseum is the

triangular brick part. It can be seen in every corner and is a modern addition. The Italian government is

concerned about its historical monuments, including the Colosseum. It helps to increase their country’s revenue

and decrease the unemployment rate as well.