Rome Walking Tour (Semi-Private)

Rome Walking Semi-Private Tour Details

Our Combo Tour will take across some of the most wondrous sites of Rome’s history. If you’re looking for an offer much lesser crowd, more breathing room, chances to chat more comfortably with fellow travelers, or learn more about these landmarks from your tour guide, this is it!

Our experienced and trained tour guide will be your company, who will also support you throughout your journey with any questions or issues you’d likely face.

Our first stop is the Colosseum. Known for hosting gladiator tournaments, animal hunts, and other ancient sports, the Colosseum hosts other historical events that reflect its political and historical significance as well as cultural ones.

The following part of our tour will take you to the open-air museum of Palatine Hill. Also known as “The first nucleus of the Roman Empire.” it’s believed that Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of Rome, were adopted here by the she-wolf, Lupa. It bore witness to many iconic historical moments, like the birth of Emperor Augustus and the end of Emperor Caligula.

Next up is The Roman Forum, which used to be the heart of the great Roman Republic. Enjoy the sights of the temples and basilica as you learn how it grew from a humble marketplace to the centerpiece of the religious, commercial, and political activities that set the course of the rest of Europe’s history. You’ll it created and shaped some of the most influential figures of history, including Gaius Julius Ceaser.

Afterward, we’ll take you to the gorgeous Trevi Fountain. Constructed in the mid 18th century, this fountain is a popular gathering place for tourists all over the world, not just because of its baroque designs, but also for its customary “coin tossing” practices. Which you too can participate in, if you want to.

Finally, our journey will end at the Spanish Steps, a 135 step stairway built as a diplomatic gesture, and encompasses some of the notable landmarks, as well as its interesting history behind how it was formed.

What You’ll See


The Colosseum

The stunning architecture and the forerunner of all stadiums.

Palatine Hill

  • Bear witness to the “original town of Rome”
  • The view of structures like Domus Augustana’s Water Garden, Domus Livia, and Palatine House among others.


Roman Forum

  • Gaze upon the magnificent structures like Tabularium, Gemonian Stairs, Temple of Saturn, Temple of Vespasius and Titus, Rostra, and many others.


Trevi Fountain

The stunning view of the beautiful fountain, right in front of the Palazzo Poli, alongside the impressive statues built and the rock formation they stand above.

Spanish Steps

  • A gorgeous scenario, with the stairs encompassing structures like the Villa Medici, the Trinita Dei Monti and the Sallustiano Obelisk at the top, and the Fontana Della Baraciana at the bottom, all with their own stories to tell.


  • The Colosseum
  • Palatine Hill
  • The Roman Forum
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps


  • Covid-19 Precautionary measures.
  • View-Only Tour Experience.
  • Live Tour Commentary
  • Headsets, to help you follow your guide better.
  • English speaking guide.


  • Personalized Tour Experience.
  • Detailed Tour of the Location
  • Hotel Pickup or Dropoffs
  • Special Facilities for people with handicaps (i.e wheelchair)

Important Notes:

Students below 25 years of age must bring valid IDs.
Due to strict Covid-19 policies, you will be required to show proof of being vaccinated before traveling to any sites, unless you are under 12 years old, or you have any conditions that exempt you from vaccination. Masks are also mandatory for all visitors.
Our itinerary is subject to change if there is inaccessibility of locations due to reasons like renovations, priority events, or emergencies. In which case, we’ll inform you of the possible changes.
Heavy baggage, including baby strollers, will not be allowed in. You can, however, bring light backpacks.


Adults (19 and older):
Children (6-18):
Infants (Below 6): Free

Quick Notes:

  • Tour Begins at:
  • Duration of Tour:
  • Pick-up Destination:
  • Dropoff Destination:
  • Group Size: 1-10 people.
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