Keeping a strict control over your eating regimen, performing various fat reducing workout routines or consumption of some Ayurveda medicines for reducing fats will not provide help to in reducing your stomach fats which can be termed as obesity. It is powerful for an individual to burn so much amount of energy at once. This is the reason that bariatric surgical procedure came into existence. It’s also known as obesity surgery or weight-loss surgery.

Bariatric surgical procedure is done to help individuals reduce their extra weight. It is an operation in which the entire stomach fats is burnt down to make the particular person slim fit. Scientific study reveals that people who undergo bariatric surgical procedure are less prone to be a sufferer of among the dangerous ailments caused by obesity, reminiscent of:

1. Heart attack
2. Enhance in blood pressure level
3. Diabetes
4. Cancerous ailments
5. Gallbladder infections
6. Osteoarthritis (noticed mostly in ladies after the age of 40)
7. Gout
8. Problems related to breathing, like asthma and sleep apnea (stopping your breath for a very brief period while sleeping)

It is not obligatory that every obese particular person has to face all these problems. However the chances will increase if you have a family background, satisfying one of these conditions.

Varied Types of Bariatric Surgery

4 types of bariatric surgical procedures can be performed. They are as follows:

1. Adjustable Gastric Banding (AGB)
2. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB)
3. Biliopancreatic Diversion with a Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS)
4. Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG)

In this surgical procedure, the surgeon uses an “open” approach, which entails slicing of the abdominal portion, i.e. with the help of surgical instruments, a small half-inch minimize is made in the abdomen. This technique is scientifically called as laparoscopy. Since in laparoscopy, less long cuts are made, this operative methodology comes out to be more useful than open surgery. The benefit of laparoscopy is that it leads to less tissue damage, less submit-surgical problems, fast recovery and early discharge from the hospital.

Bariatric Surgery-Being a Boon to Save Many Lives

Obesity is one such kind of a illness which gives rise to multiple numbers of other vulnerable illnesses and infections. In this condition, it is the bariatric surgery that gives hope to every obese patient. It is said that bariatric surgery has led to lower dying rates in case of severely obese patients, which is a miracle indeed! This surgery not only helps in reducing weight however it has additionally saved a number of lives of morbidly overweight patients. The quality of life for overweight or overweight people has been drastically improved.

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