If you wish to make your aquarium attractive and beautiful, fancy guppies are your ideal choice. They’re available in a wide range of colours like golden, blue, black, green and red. All these colours entice the eye of kids and the visitors. The truth is if you choose a very good combination of a bunch of colourful guppies, looking at them is a cool and stress-free experience.

Fancy guppies are freshwater fish and so they love to stay in warm water. In the event you keep the temperature of your aquarium between seventy seven and eighty three° F, they’re very joyful to live in. To make them more comfortable, you possibly can add around 1 tablespoon of salt each 5 gallons of water.

They make no complaint for the meals offered to them. Any regular food available in the pet fish shop like flaked meals is fine with them. You’ll be able to even feed them boiled vegetables. However, if you happen to can afford to feed them live meals like brine shrimp or blood-worms, they will become stronger.

It is best to take care in balancing your aquarium should you plan to keep fancy guppies. It’s best to keep at the least females per male. In actual fact, when you keep more females for a single male, they are comfortable!

Many species of fish are compatible with fancy guppies. You can keep Cory catfish, Gouramis, glass fish and even African dwarf frogs with them. Nevertheless you should make a small research over the Internet for finding out the compatibility. Typically pet shops try to sell mollies with guppies recommending that they go well together. That is not true. They make such a advice because they need to sell their mollies. Bear in mind, if the mollies develop in dimension, they will attack guppies and there will be continuous fights leading to injuries to guppies.

You should also keep away from Platies and Swordtails with guppies. They just can’t get along well. The truth is the essential criterion in deciding the compatibility is the size of the fish. The fish you need to keep with guppies ought to always be smaller in dimension than the guppies. Guppies aren’t capable of preventing and the big fish will harm them. Actually your guppies will always be under stress because of such attacks and so they will get sick and may even die in a short time.

Fancy guppies will not live longer anyway. They will live maximum up to three years. They will not very large in captivity. They develop only up to 2 inches. The females could grow slightly longer, up to 2 ½ inches. When you take good care of them by providing glorious conditions of water, regular cleaning, good food and nice friends, they could live as much as 5 years. Some skilled fish-keepers have successfully shown that they will develop bigger than the normal measurement if they’re looked after well.

Acclimating guppies to your tank is a job requiring a lot of time and patience. For those who obtain them in bags from the shop or breeders, do not rush to open the bags and put the fish into the aquarium directly. Instead, keep the bag floating within the aquarium for at the least one hour and then slowly add some tank water within the bag. After keeping them in such water for a minimum of half an hour, you may slowly launch them into the main tank.

Remember, the fish are smaller in measurement they usually take time in adjusting themselves to the new environment. So you must be patient earlier than you show them their future residence.

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